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Best Pranks of the moment are here. Stop all what you are doing !

You will find what you want in our web site. If you would like to find video prank. Such of beautiful sms prank or prank call, you will be very happy. And you know what we mean concerning the happiness. Good for healthy ! :)
We knew the hidden cameras, the trend is now the "pranks".

The idea is the same: make a short video, very scripted, where someone takes the stage trying to provoke a funny or violent reaction on the trapped person. Between the traditional hidden camera and pranks, there was the democratization of recording and distribution of images, which is the prank to be played by lamdba teenagers (often US, especially California), have its dedicated channels ( Prank vs Prank , more than 8.5 million subscribers) and its stars.

Over the reaction of the trapped person is excessive, more video will be shared on social networks - wholesale distribution of vectors of pranks: if the victim screams, yells and bursts into tears, while the success of the video is available.
As always in subcultures that far very male phenomenon has its subgenres, rivals in elegance and good taste. For example :

- The "pregnant pranks", that are to tell his parents that it was a girl pregnant. In puritan America, the subject is still very difficult because often the issue of abortion does not even arise. To spice things up, the "pregnant pranks" are tinged with cultural distinctions, it is common to put the origin of the parent - parent African , Afghan , Kurdish or Indian - as if the community severity reputation was a pledge of additional folklore.

- The "cheating pranks" to test the loyalty of his girlfriend and see what his reaction, her boyfriend will say he cheated with another girl (ideally, at that time, the girlfriend is as bare as possible) ... again, sub-genres: "the girl I have deceived you is pregnant," "I caught AIDS" , etc. The video of the kind that had the most success has over 66 million views! To give an idea, it's double the number of views of the latest video of Rihanna on YouTube...

- The "Gold digger pranks" (literally "gold diggers") and "Fame digger pranks" ( "celebrities researchers") : the scenario takes place in three stages. First: a boy accosted a girl in a rotten car the whistling and telling him to get on his side. Secondly: an accomplice comes up with a car that is luxurious and approaches the girl in a way hardly more leads. Thirdly: if the girl gets into the luxury car, the accomplice takes a manly posture and the snubs, calling her "slut" (bitch). Again some variants which we will pass you the details.

What questions, of course, are the reasons for the success of the videos and what they say to those who watch. Best pranks 2016 - Best pranks 2017